M711-H1201 Collection higher class藹單ガ
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Width :   Made in Europe 稼瑆 籹硑 Higher Class Jacquard
藹單摸 麓ガ
Composition借:   - 扳芥琿丁叫琩高砯

Fabric : Made in Spain Sheer : Made in France
^ M711-R119-125
^ M711-R119-125
Fabric : Polyester / Cotton
54" / 140 cm
^ M711-R119-125 Col.XX ^ M711-R119-125 Col.309&9
Sheer :
100% Polyester
Height: 116"
^ H1201-3018-185
Col.## Sheer
^ M711-R119-125 Col.311&11 ^ M711-R119-125 Col.314&14

Height: 116"

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note: colour different from real
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